We supply upholstery manufacturers and contractors with open cell virgin and bonded foam

A diverse range of grades and sizes


Number of Different Grades

A change in formulation results in a change in the characteristics of flexible polyurethane foam. Because of this we invested in technology that enables us to freely alter the production components, enabling us to craft a grade of product that is specifically suited to your needs.

Array of different sizes

In addition to a variety of grades, we are also able to to produce flexible polyurethane foam at a variety of widths. This diversity of size allows us to produce blocks, sheets, or rolls of flexible polyurethane foam for clients in the upholstery and construction industry.

Our sheets, rolls or blocks of foam are then compressed and sealed

Minimizing Shipping Costs


Compression Technology

What makes flexible polyurethane foam so malleable, is an open cellular structure. Because this cellular structure releases air when compressed, we utilize compression technology to package our product as compactly as possible before shipping it to our clients.

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