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Our branded bedding accessories and upholstery products include memory foam pillows, pillow protectors, sheet sets, mattress pads, mattress protectors and a range of furniture items made by household names such as Serta, Sealy, Protect-A-Bed and Purecare.

Our exclusive ultrafoam blended foam and down alternative pillows offer you a more affordable option

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Blended Foam Pillows

Our Blended Foam Pillows are filled with a sea of high density foam puffs. The gaps between the individual foam puffs ensure the pillow contours to the body while simultaneously increasing ventilation through the pillow, keeping the user cool during the night.

Down Alternative Pillows

Ultrafoam's polyester fibre pillows are the most popular on the market as they are hypoallergenic, more affordable and machine washable while also offing consumers similar levels of comfort and support to a traditional down pillow.

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