Our Sales and Marketing Efforts are focused on the success of our clients' business

Helping Our Retailers Grow


Client Specialists

In every relationship we provide our customer with a dedicated Client Specialist. An expert in the bedding industry, our Client Specialists work closely with our retailers, giving them the personal attention required to best help them grow.

Our customers benefit from an array of programs that have been tailored to suit their needs

Vendor Support and Brand Promotion


Exclusive Retail Programs

We work closely with our clients so that we can learn about the specific needs of their business, applying our seasoned expertise in the bedding industry to develop product promotions and gifts with purchase that are targeted at various levels of buyers.


National Brand Campaigns

As a part of our Retailer Network, all of our clients are beneficiaries of our comprehensive National Advertising Programs that are run through a variety of media in order to encourage awareness of the brands that we produce and distribute.


In Store Display

Our Client Specialists perform site visits where they help clients develop an engaging showroom area. This process involves spatial analysis and drawings detailing how to display products, PoP items and signage exclusive to each of our brands.


Specialized Sales Training

Because a sales team needs to understand its audience’s wants and needs we build individual training guides for our business partners. These programs provide education and insight on product knowledge, effective sales processes and improved communication techniques.


Total Warranty Coverage

We also offer consumers total warranty coverage on all of our internationally branded bedding products. This warranty is designed to keep customers happy; enhancing the reputation of the brand, the manufacturer, and the retailer, alike.


Weekly Shipments to Destinations

Strategically located in Trinidad and Tobago, we have access to a bustling port. This makes us highly responsive to client needs and allows us to promise weekly shipments to any of our clients that have retail outlets located in the Caribbean Region.